Introduction.ai was launched by Rens ter Weijde (1984), a strategy consultant and psychologist who familiarized himself extensively with artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for organizations. After experiencing the difficulties of learning about AI as a novice first-hand – taking over 30 courses on the matter in a year’s time – Rens decided to offer organizations a better way to get their head around the complexity and opportunities related to AI. Through 2-hour workshops managers and executives can get to the heart of the technology without learning to code, in order to have the right strategic follow-up discussions.

Rens (rens@purposeplus.com) is the founder of two organizations (Purpose+, KIMO.ai) and has served over 70 organizations worldwide with strategic advice. He is also the author of two books (Purpose+Profit, Building Positive Organisations). He has formerly worked for McKinsey & Company, and studied at the University of Amsterdam (Social Psychology, Sport Psychology), Datacamp (Machine Learning in R, Python) and Harvard Business School (PLD). He lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.